At Trinity, student athletes are just that, students first, and athletes second.  We believe athletics provide important opportunities to teach students the value of teamwork, school pride, self-discipline, healthy competition, and time management. Students also learn to accept success and defeat in a learning environment that encourages love, FUN, acceptance, trust, and respect for others. A training atmosphere is created in which each player is able to achieve success. A competitive environment is provided that will be inclusive of every student who desires to play the sport, regardless of athletic ability or knowledge of the game. Each player will thereby develop according to his/her technical and tactical abilities, and be nurtured to reach his/her fullest potential. Athletic instruction will be given in a caring environment, so high self-esteem, positive attitudes, and good sportsmanship will be the focus. Our campus here in Delray Beach is equipped with the equipment and staff to help every student enjoy the game and better themselves through it.

We encourage and develop the attitude that everything done in life, including choice of play activities, conduct while participating, respect for rules and authority, as well as cooperation with others should reflect a Christian character.

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